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Enhancements Released on February 25, 2017



RealQuest has been updated with new functionality to provide greater value to our customers.  


  • Nationwide Owner search and Mailing Address search is now available to all RealQuest users. This means our users can now lookup all properties associated with an owner at a nationwide basis. Mailing address search helps users find all properties with the same mailing address.
  • In order to ensure that we have accurate user information on file, we are requesting all users to update their information upon login. Please note that this is a one-time only request.  
  • The LoanSafe Fraud Manager and LoanSafe Risk Manager product order screens, along with the Rerun and View Archive features, have been enhanced for better usability.
  • A new Contact Us form has been added in the Contact Us Page. Users can click on the Customer Service Email Address to make use of this form.
  • User Session Limits are now configurable. Please get in touch with your Account Representative if you would like your session limit configured as per your requirements.
  • Archive Retrieval for PASS AVM Standalone Report is now supported via the My Files Menu Item.




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For any questions, call customer service at 800.345.7334.