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Real Estate Investment firms and small businesses purchasing real estate for investment purposes use RealQuest Professional to streamline information. With RealQuest Professional, real estate professionals benefit from the industry’s most comprehensive suite of timely and reliable data and analytic solutions. Knowing that reliable and current data is the cornerstone of intelligent business decisioning, we update our database daily from thousands of public and private sources, providing you the most current information to market. This vast amount of standardized data, coupled with advanced technology, offers a single end-to-end application that addresses the full spectrum of real estate activities for real estate investors.


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Real estate is a prime mover of the nation’s economy. Investment activities build communities and shape regional development. Our services are instrumental to real estate investors and the professionals who assist them to market, acquire and transact real estate.  CoreLogic has helped real estate and land development professionals create and capture value. Many investors specifically choose RealQuest Professional because it’s the solution used by most mortgage servicers.

RealQuest provides investors with the ability to obtain the most current and far reaching real estate information and analytical tools. Improve operational efficiency and complete your research faster using RealQuest Professional.

Looking to provide strong returns to your clients through the acquisition, improvement, management and growth of a portfolio of select real estate investments? Let RealQuest Professional help propel these efforts. Use RealQuest's online property information database to instantly retrieve and download required documents, or use the on-demand abstractor service to initiate custom requests for documents.

Because RealQuest is anything and everything real estate related, it features solutions to help you proactively recognizing foreclosure events.  As everyone knows, access to current foreclosure information is vital when it comes to investment opportunities – especially in this market. The Foreclosure Activity feature within RealQuest Professional gives you a proactive view into any single property or portfolio of properties. Search by phase of the foreclosure cycle and refine your search using over thirty attributes.

Additionally, the loan quality and fraud prevention solutions available within RealQuest Professional help investors reassure that the business they originate is as safe from fraud as it can possibly be. So, why not use the same mortgage analytic solutions used by more than 1,000 lenders?

Use RealQuest Professional to streamline your work flow processes, prevent losses and improve turnaround time. Reports commonly used by investors include:

  • Property Detail
  • Legal & Vesting
  • Voluntary Lien
  • ValuePoint4 Default®
  • Foreclosure Activity
  • Appraisal Review
  • Collateral risk tools
  • Automated Valuation Models
  • TrueLTVTM 
  • Document Images



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10 AVMs to choose from including ValuePoint 4 & HVE

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