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RealQuest Professional offers secure, Web-based access to the CoreLogic comprehensive, nationwide property and ownership information database. Updated daily, our database covers more than 3,085 counties, 97 percent of all U.S. real estate transactions and more than 8.7 million commercial properties—including office, retail, multi-family, industrial, lodging and vacant land, as well as residential.

Retail, legal and other research firms nationwide use RealQuest Professional for property and ownership information. As with any research the more you know about a property, the surrounding area and the owner, the better armed you’ll be in securing a successful result. RealQuest Professional assists users specializing in research by providing the critical information for effective decisioning while reducing the time spent performing targeted owner and property searches.



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Up-to-date data and easy-to-use, RealQuest enables research companies to search a broader area and return meaningful information about prospective properties. Examine properties through detailed ownership records, multiple mapping options, aerial and bird’s eye images, neighborhood demographic details, nearby businesses and sales data of comparable properties.

Excellent mapping, visualization and neighborhood profile tools augment that data to provide a complete picture of any property queried.

RealQuest Professional works for you…

  • Evaluate potential locations
  • Learn about surrounding neighborhoods
  • Get aerial and bird’s eye views of properties
  • Research right-of-way, easements, environmental impact and more
  • Analyze and track property values
  • Expedite compliance
  • Perform other property-related tasks

RealQuest Professional provides research professionals nationwide with the following advantages:

  • Demographics near a property, including education, employment, crime and more
  • Residential and commercial foreclosure activity in the surrounding area
  • Competitors located near a selected location
  • Property Detail
  • Ownership information
  • Legal descriptions
  • Transaction history
  • And more




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