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Utility companies nationwide use RealQuest Professional to identify natural resources including fire and flood zones, as well as value right-of-ways for transportation and utility easement planning, and environmental impact research. 

RealQuest Professional is the nation's most advanced online property and ownership search engine. It enables cable, satellite, telecommunication, gas, electric and water providers to query property data, download recorded document images for the most recent sale, access transaction history and verify legal descriptions to establish easements.



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Consider the benefits of having complete property and ownership information at your fingertips, from street maps with aerial overlays and bird’s eye view to parcel identification numbers.  Use this all-inclusive solution and its data to identify and assess properties targeted for redevelopment, construction, or purchase, and to identify individuals or companies who could be impacted by your actions.

In the past, telecommunication and utility companies had depended on title company partners to send deeds to them; however, the format and timeliness were inconsistent, ultimately forcing them to send abstractors to county recorders offices to retrieve copies. With RealQuest Professional, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to prove ownership when securing easements.  Validate owner and occupant contact information to expedite compliance or violation/notice mailings, and closure service, and public hearing notifications.

Be informed before you act by identifying a property's or area’s value, restrictions, rights of entry, risk for fire or flood, and environmental concerns. Feel confident that when you notify the public about outages, closures or maintenance work that you are targeting everyone who really needs the information.

How is RealQuest an advantage?

  • Significantly reduce time and manpower required for Right of Way research
  • Conduct property specific and custom searches with ease
  • Identify prospects, market to property owners and increase sales
  • Research document images (deeds, mortgage, etc)
  • Investigate property transaction history 
  • Research sales activities & trends of new and existing homes
  • Analyze sales or foreclosures by market, sales price, lot size  
  • Extend your reach by tapping into a robust database of all publicly recorded sales

Get your advantage today with RealQuest. Common reports used by telecommunication and utility professionals include:

  • Property Detail Report
  • Comparables
  • Transaction History
  • Street Maps Plus
  • Parcel Map
  • Flood Map
  • Document Images
  • Automated Valuation Models
  • Legal & Vesting
  • Voluntary Lien Report





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97% match rate the assessor parcel number (APN)

100+ search attributes

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