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We’ve consolidated the Subject Map and RQ Map Searches to produce an extremely robust single map search experience. With this release, foreclosure stage flags and estimated home values are now plotted visually on the map and give users greater efficiencies. Walk the block and gain instant access to all reports with the new Report Option menu. Map-based searching produces a higher hit rate versus a classic subject search.
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Professionals from all industries use this option to locate and research a subject property or properties:
arrow Toggle between street and aerial maps with bird’s eye view
arrow Identify a property’s proximity to physical landmarks such as freeways, shopping centers and schools.
arrow Search for properties using a complete address, cross-streets, city, state or zip code
arrow Complete polygon, rectangle or radius-based searches using enhanced drawing tools
arrow Navigate by parcel with the option to generate reports on-the-fly
arrow Several data tags are visually available at specific zoom levels, including:
1. Owner Name
2. Assessor Parcel Number
3. Street Number
4. Bedroom/Baths
5. Building Area
    6. Lot Area
  7. Sale Last 6-Months
  8. Sale Last 12-Months
  9. Foreclosure Activity
10. Short Sales
11. Estimated Value