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What is RealQuest?


What's My RealQuest Advantage?


Is RealQuest Everything I Need?


Why is RealQuest Different?


Why CoreLogic?


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RealQuest® Professional - The Leading Solution for Real Estate Data and Information

CoreLogic RealQuest® Professional is a never-ending property and ownership search engine that minimizes cost, increases productivity and guides you toward sound decisions. It is the nation's largest online property information database, giving real estate professionals instant access to accurate, exportable data on 97% of all property transactions in the U.S. It was purpose built for professional organizations requiring flexible search options from more than 90 search criteria, on-the-fly reporting, an all-encompassing array of mortgage analytics, advanced automated valuation solutions, mapping solutions and delivery options.

RealQuest Professional delivers many of our core solutions, including: Foreclosure Activity, LoanSafe®, LoanSafe® Risk Manager, HistoryPro Review®, Freddie Mac HVE®,  TrueLTVTM, PreQualProTM, GeoAVM Cascades, more than 10 individual AVMs, document images and much more.  Learn More.  

Simplified Solution

CoreLogic RealQuest® Express offers a simplified lineup of solutions that provides the data needed for initiating, reviewing, or verifying real estate property and ownership information. Learn More. 

Home Value Pro

CoreLogic RealQuest® Mobile provides timely market statistics, housing trends, home value estimates, charts, maps and more - it's one solution that's on the go! Home Value Pro is the latest Apple iPhone? and iPod touch® application that enables individuals to view comprehensive market data on over 140 million residential properties throughout the United States. Learn More.


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