Foreclosure Activity


Having access to the very latest information on foreclosures allows you to be decisive when it comes to loss mitigation and investing.  Uncover properties at all stages of foreclosure and those subject to pending legal action using RealQuest Professional. Its foreclosure search option lets you find distressed commercial and residential properties within your target geography and delivers detailed reports about the most recent actions. Use the foreclosure search option to determine the level of market distress and make wise investment decisions.

Choose from All Active Foreclosures, Pre-Foreclosures, Auction or REO properties then narrow your search even further using foreclosure stage-specific attributes.  More than 75 data elements are included in the actual Foreclosure Activity report, which differ based on the foreclosure stage and the document type.

Foreclosure Stage flags are displayed in the Report Options list, Search Results list and Summary page to easily identify which properties are in which stage. Data elements include but are not limited to:

  • Filing Date
  • Buyer is Lender
  • Trustee Address, City, State, Zip
  • Opening Bid Amount
  • Judgment Amount
  • Sale Date
  • Sale Price
  • And More!

The Foreclosure Activity Report gives you a proactive view into a single or portfolio of properties. Search for and analyze reports using any number of property characteristics. Quickly access foreclosure reports, recorded documents, AVMs and subject property details for a complete situation analysis.  Click here to view a sample report.

  • Target potentially undervalued or distressed properties for investment purposes
  • Establish foreclosure status for loan origination purposes
  • Assess any number of properties for due diligence

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