Any person that is buying, managing or selling property in unfamiliar markets needs a tool that provides insight into the complex mix  of property, neighborhood and market factors.  While a home’s age, size, and amenities factor into its price, current and future property values encompass much more than the home itself. Comparable sales data, transaction history and automated valuation models (AVMs) attempt to capture the valuation picture, but they can overlook subtleties, creating a reliance on broker price opinions (BPOs) and appraisals. Less apparent factors—schools, crime rates, foreclosure activity, supply and demand, prevailing rents, and demographics—can carry equal or greater weight in the valuation equation.  Luckily, there's HomeStandingsTM — the first real estate analytics system to identify the characteristics that make a real estate asset desirable. This unique approach eliminates the guesswork typically involved in making adjustments for qualitative market factors. As a result, anyone buying, selling or managing real estate can act with confidence in any market— whether down the street or across the country—with all necessary information close at hand.

HomeStandings resolves these traditional information gaps by assisting:

  • Appraisal review teams reconciling AVM, BPO, or appraisal values
  • REO asset managers deciding whether to sell or rent properties
  • Investors performing due diligence prior to buying properties or distressed asset pools




The easy-to-read report speeds comprehension through a familiar grading system and color scheme. A variety of property, market and neighborhood characteristics are rated using “A” through “F” grades, while a stoplight color scheme distinguishes between positive and negative outcomes. The enhanced clarity HomeStandings provides leads to faster, better decisions that increase efficiency and reduce losses.  The easy-to-read grading dashboard allows users to:

  • Identify foreclosure activity
  • Determine supply/demand dynamics
  • Validate pricing strategies
  • Explore rental opportunities
  • Analyze net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR)
  • Investigate comparable properties

Gain the insight needed to make informed decisions today with HomeStandings.


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