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What Is RealQuest?

CoreLogic RealQuest is anything and everything real estate. 

RealQuest gives you an advantage that’s second to none.  Nothing goes farther than RealQuest in helping you complete the job at hand. It's a never-ending property and ownership search engine that minimizes cost, increases productivity and guides you toward an effective decision – delivered direct to you by CoreLogic.

And, because it's the nation's largest property and ownership search engine, RealQuest is your advantage. It slashes time spent researching to give you more time for what matters — whether it’s spending time relaxing or taking on more business.

To make it easy to get the features and capabilities that will help your organization meet its challenges, RealQuest offers two versions to address a diverse range of needs:

  • RealQuest Professional — Purpose built for professional organizations requiring an all-encompassing array of reports, mapping solutions, analytics and delivery options. LEARN MORE 
  • RealQuest Express— A new simplified lineup of solutions providing the basic data needed for initiating, reviewing, or verifying real estate property and ownership information. LEARN MORE 

Whether you’re a private practice or work for a nationwide corporation, RealQuest has a solution to help you and your organization navigate through property and ownership information while working more productively.

So, drill down and get everything you need in a quick, easy, single search. Even the most difficult property search is no match!